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1976 - Our Original Building


The Association for Community Living - Beausejour Branch Inc. is a non-profit organization that is committed to delivering person centered supports and services that provides adults with a developmental disabilities the opportunities to lead the life that they choose. ACL-BB recognizes the value of every human being and believes that people who have a developmental disability have the same rights to inclusion in the community as all other people. The purpose of ACL-BB is to provide services, which ensure the highest quality of life. ACL-BB serves the North Eastman Region, which includes the communities of Oakbank, Dugald, Beausejour, Lac Du Bonnet, Whitemouth, Elma, Pine Falls, Manigotagan, and Pinawa. ACL-BB also accepts referrals from many other communities throughout the province.

Our story begins in 1961....

ACL-BB began as "The Association for Retarded Children - Beausejour Branch". The purpose at that time was to provide educational opportunities for children with mental handicaps. Six years later legislation was passed appointing the responsibility of education for children to the school system. As a result, the focus of the Association changed to providing daytime activities for adults with developmental disabilities. Services were provided from our first home at 527 Park Avenue - the former Beausejour Post Office. Within this time there was a name change to "The Canadian Association for the Mentally Retarded - Beausejour Branch Inc.", however the acronym ARC with the addition of the word Industries was what the community was familiar with.

Fast forward to the 1980's. Another name change took place to "The Association for Community Living - Beausejour Branch Inc." which is the current legal name. Over the years, we grew and the different divisions developed. Along with the name change, was also a change in philosophies and beliefs as ACL-BB joined forces with its provincial counterpart The Association for Community Living - Manitoba. The philosophies changed from providing a place to spend time and hand out, to providing services that promoted the development of pre-vocational skills, independent living and social skills.

In 1987, the province wide "Welcome Home Project" helped people who were living in an institutional type situation to live and develop a home like environment within their own community. This project also enabled ACL-BB to purchase the first community residence that allowed four individuals to move into their own home. Over the years, ACL-BB has purchased 6 additional residences and currently supports over 20 individuals. These residences also provide respite and crisis placement on an ongoing basis to many other people.

1987 also marked the year that ACL-BB sponsored the first Independent Living Program in the area. This program provides supports for people to live as independently as possible within their community. The program continues to grow each year as many individuals either strive or are successful at learning the necessary skills required to live on their own. Today there are over 15 individuals supported.

In 1989, ACL-BB moved into its current home at 917 Park Avenue in Beausejour. Since then, the building has had many renovations and improvements in order to better support the people we serve. 1989 was also the year ACL-BB started the Supported Employment Options (SEO) program, which assists those seeking competitive employment within the community. This program has proven itself over the years by obtaining paid employment opportunities for countless individuals.

A long time staple within the community had been the North Eastern Regional Recycling Facility (NERRF). NERRF began operations in 1993 initially as a drop off depot and processing centre. Three years later, NERRF expanded to offer curbside pick up to the citizens of Beausejour. By 2010, ACL-BB's services and clientele list had expanded significantly leaving ACL-BB challenged with the lack of space to provide ongoing supports required by the clientele. The dedicated volunteer Board of Directors weighed several different options and reluctantly concluded that after 17 years the doors of NERRF had to be closed effective September 1, 2010. In keeping with the by-laws and constitution, the mandate of ACL-BB is to provide supports and services to people who have a developmental disability. Recycling services were not part of this mandate and as such the Town of Beausejour and the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead adopted community recycling services.

ACL-BB continues to offer Day Services and Administration at 917 Park Avenue. To date there are a variety of person centered programs offered through the day program including healthy living, self-care, and relationship classes, sign language classes, as well as contract work that is beneficial for building ethical and vocational skills.

In April of 2013 ACL-BB was honoured to receive a grant from the Harper Government’s Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF) in the amount of $247, 084.00. This investment will allow ACL-BB to retrofit a portion of its building previously used as a recycling facility, providing the community with a new space for public use that will offer enhanced programming for seniors and provide a greater variety of services to individuals living with disabilities.

ACL-BB is proud to have a committed volunteer Board of Directors made up of ten community minded people. Each member comes with a vast array of knowledge and experience that enables them to make wise and accountable decisions based on what is best for ACL-BB and the individuals that are supported.

ACL-BB has been a proud part of the Beausejour community for the past 50 years. The extent and locations of our services have undergone numerous changes during that time, but our focus always has been and always will remain the same - supporting people with developmental / intellectual disabilities in every facet of their lives to the highest quality possible.