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North Eastern Regional Recycling Facility (NERRF)

September 2010 marked the end of an era. The NERRF doors were closed for the last time, and the local recycling services were turned over to each of the municipalities. The NERRF staff, and their trucks, became a staple in the community during their 17 years of operation, and many were sad to see them go.

ACL-BB Board of Directors struggled with this decision for some time. Due to the ever increasing number of Day Program participants and staff, space was becoming an issue. After exploring several options, it was decided that renovating the space we currently have was the most feasible option of them all. The renovations are slated to take place during 2011, which will be home to some classrooms for enhanced programming, physical activity / healthy living area, and expansion of the retirement program.


ACL-BB paid tribute to the NERRF staff during the annual All ACL-BB Staff Meeting, as well as the Christmas Party by presenting a tribute video that was created to showcase their hard work and dedication.




The news of the closure was the front page headline of the local newspaper.



Many locals will recognize these former recycling bins!



ACL-BB Staff and Board of Directors would like to thank each and every NERRF employee along the way for their hard work.